From her broad perspective across management issues, Ann works with her clients on shaping the best approach to fit their objectives - whether for continuing professional development or facing common workplace challenges:

  • Leading an organization, unit or team
  • Building and developing a team
  • Enhancing interpersonal influence and managing resistance
  • Negotiating or facilitating conflict
  • Developing mentor partnerships
  • Coaching an employee
  • Crafting a critical business message
  • Making strategic presentations

Ann is dedicated to creating a dynamic environment for client learning: an interactive setting with a balance of conceptual learning and skill practice. With 25 years of consulting and teaching experience, Ann is adept at generating targeted activities to best meet client objectives. Her design approach pulls from a toolbox of surveys, assessments, experiential exercises, discussion prompts, readings, role play and case scenarios, and film clips.


She gets at the heart of the matter for her clients – whether discussing issues with key players or calling upon more structured approaches, such as facilitating a focus group to develop relevant cases for a seminar, conducting an in-house survey to identify root concerns, or interviewing team members for unbiased feedback.

Executive Coaching


Ann's individual coaching aims to stimulate awareness and foster productive insights to enhance people management skills. The one-on-one interaction helps to zero in on key priorities, while offering flexibility in scheduling and meeting locations. Ann provides an objective and fresh perspective for assessing situations and exploring options, within a supportive environment of confidentiality and continual unvarnished feedback.


Typically, coaching clients can expect to:

  • Determine what is and is not working for them
  • Assess their situation: what forces are helping and hindering progress?
  • Tease out their assumptions and intentions
  • Process alternatives and approaches
  • Strategize for their best results

Frequently, Ann finds that coaching can help managers shift from focusing on what they want to improve upon to determining how they may best reach goals.  She guides individuals through the entire process including following up on progress – whether in person, by telephone or by email.


Best suited for a mid- to senior-level manager who learns best in a one-on-one setting, who wants specialized attention on a complex or sensitive issue not easily explored in a group or training setting, or who needs flexibility in his or her scheduling.

Group Coaching


Group coaching offers a collaborative learning experience around customized topics, with coaching towards on-the-job application. Ann facilitates the group's discussion and collaborates with them in tailoring topics and approaches to best meet their interests. Group design is supportive and respects confidences, allowing one to:

  • Explore new ideas with others facing similar challenges
  • Stay current on management and leadership topics
  • Garner support and gain direction when contemplating decisions and change

Groups tend to meet monthly for 2 to 3 hours for a minimum 6-month commitment. Convenient meeting dates and locations are determined by participants.


Customarily, groups are self-formed, reflecting similar interests or shared direction. They may emerge from within an organization, from executive learning teams, from meeting others at member- ship organizations, or from networking in one’s industry or community. To ensure optimal participation for all, typical groups have between 4 and 6 participants.


Best suited for managers and leaders who appreciate collaborative learning, who are open to sharing their perspective while valuing insights of others, who want a sounding board for experimenting with new approaches and ideas, or who need flexibility in meeting monthly at convenient locations.


A sample of 2 group coaching settings:

  • Leadership Circle: Designed
    for senior-level leaders who meet monthly to get support and direction in facing leadership and management challenges in their organization, such as developing leader styles, interacting with boards, and communicating strategically across constituents. Ann works with each Circle to shape relevant topics to enhance leadership impact. Members of each group tend to hold similar positions – for example, non-profit executive directors, nurse executives, or small business owners.
  • Best Seller Circle: Designed for all levels of managers and leaders who are interested in staying up-to-date on important management and leadership books. With Ann’s guidance, the group selects relevant books. Ann focuses the discussion around questions to pull out key takeaways from the book, while linking to personal goals and workplace applications. Sample books: Outliers, Good to Great, and The Art of Woo.