Thank you so much for a terrific presentation on Thursday.  I received some excellent feedback from the group and it was clear that they enjoyed the topic, the theoretical overview and the exercise.  It was just the right combination and, as always, you were a masterful speaker.  I truly enjoy learning from you – inevitably, you help me to see things from a new perspective. 

–Chief Marketing Officer, global law firm



I can’t express enough how great the session was today.  You handled it expertly and it was just the right touch with the right meaning at the right time.  It was a hit and so were you!

–Director of Employee Development,

pharmaceutical company



Ann is very honest, very direct, and very open and approachable.  She was excellent at allowing me to figure out what I needed to do but really provided the direction I needed.  Her style and personality made me feel so comfortable to talk openly, which is really what helped me through the process.

–Business Development Director,

document services company



Thank you again for helping me take my skills to the next level.  The experience of speaking to a large group was invaluable, and your coaching has seeped into the most important parts of my public persona.  I draw upon your advice in many settings – executive education sessions, facilitated meetings, and even one on one discussions. 

–Principal, consulting firm



I can’t tell you how helpful my sessions with Ann have been.  She has been an excellent sounding board, and has really challenged me and pushed me to think deeply about many aspects of my career and my developing role as a manager and leader.

–Remarketing Manager, finance services



Ann is a wonderful teacher – direct but respectful of vulnerabilities…she imparted many “pearls” in her time with us.

–Executive nurse, health care system


I thought you covered all of the topics very thoughtfully and carefully, and I think everyone enjoyed your addition of humor.  I admired and appreciated your command of the audience, your ability to keep them involved, and the way you kept the program on track by making adjustments in pacing where needed.

–Director of Preservation Services,

nonprofit conservancy



Thanks again for your always expert help!  As they used to say about American Express, “I would not leave home without you.”

–Senior consultant, boutique consultancy



I found Ann’s perceptions to be right on the mark.  She really got me to think about myself and what was really important to me.

–Customer Care Manager,

high technology company



Ann has a great ability to focus on the subject and ask questions that helped me focus on areas I don’t normally think about.

–IT Project Office Manager,

retail and commercial bank



I wanted to let you know the experience of prepping for and delivering the talk has had a noticeable carry-over effect.  I feel I’m much more effective in projecting my will, so to speak, over a room of executives. I learned that a powerful message has at least as much to do with the message as it does with the person delivering it.  It sounds obvious, but somehow its truth never before struck me with such power.

–Principal, management consulting



This [seminar] really got me thinking and watching closer what my peers at work did.  I thought Ann was really great about keeping our attention and keeping it interesting.

–Public Relations Manager, health care system



The instructor was quick thinking and made the students into quick thinkers.

–Dentist, private practice